Why clinician’s love RF Skin Tightening

One way or another, many clients experience the need for skin tightening but don't have the time or budget for surgery - lax, loose or sagging skin from ageing or weight loss, cellulite, under-eye bags, jowls or stubborn areas of the body that won’t firm ...
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Why microdermabrasion is still the #1 facial treatment

If you are thinking about investing in a microdermabrasion machine for your salon, then you will be pleased to know that microdermabrasion remains the number one requested non-invasive facial treatment by clients. This means that including microdermabrasion as part of your treatment menu is a smart ...
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5-in-1 Skin Care Machine

Bio Penta has arrived! Once again Bio-Therapeutic is showcasing why they are world leaders in cutting-edge aesthetic technology with the launch of the ground-breaking Bio-Penta 5-in-1 facial station. Bio-Penta: Pushing service standards to revolutionary new heights Save space in your treatment room with 5 facial systems in ...
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