Why clinician’s love RF Skin Tightening

One way or another, many clients experience the need for skin tightening but don’t have the time or budget for surgery – lax, loose or sagging skin from ageing or weight loss, cellulite, under-eye bags, jowls or stubborn areas of the body that won’t firm or shape up no matter how much we diet and exercise.

Radio frequency skin tightening, which is available on industry-leading fat cavitation machines, uses radio wave energy to begin the skin tightening process.

The dermal layer of the skin is gently heated to activate the immediate tissue retraction.

RF skin tightening machines formulate new collagen production for long term skin tightening and toning. The process goes on for up to three months after treatment.

The Result? Tighter, Firmer, Healthier Skin!

Radio frequency treatments are:

  • Effective – immediate results!
  • Painless
  • Non-surgical
  • Require no post-treatment care
  • Time-saving – treatment takes less than 30 minutes.

If you want to firm ageing skin, tighten your postnatal tummy or finely contour your body silhouette, radio frequency treatment is just what you need.