The high-tech salon: What to look for when buying equipment

The humble beauty salon has come so far in the last decade. With technology weaving itself more and more into our everyday existence, no industry has been spared — and popping down to the local salon for an LED facial is just as normal now as getting a manicure.

If you’re a salon transitioning into the world of beauty equipment, the options and decision-making can be overwhelming, so this article is designed to help you cut the bull and provide you with four fast and sharp checkpoints to look for when investing in salon technology.

  1. They champion quality and performance over a bargain price
    Aesthetic technology such as an IPL machine, laser hair removal machine or an oxygen facial system is a serious investment. When done correctly, these investments have the power to grow your business, double your profits and maximise customer retention. So having said all that, opting for the cheapest LED light therapy machine on the market is not going to work in your favour in the long run, as they are probably not built to withstand the challenge. Investing in high quality, medical grade equipment from the get-go will ensure your machine works hard not only for your business but your clients as well. Their satisfaction is your success! Look for a reputable provider who includes a quality guarantee and machine warranty.
  2. They train you up
    A good technology provider will include professional device training when you purchase beauty equipment, so be sure to ask, “Do I get training with this?”. This not only saves you the cost of having to find an independent training school, it also means you learn direct from trainers who know these particular device brands inside out — so your hands-on practical techniques, and understanding of scientific theory will be much more sound when it’s time to get back to the treatment room and put your knowledge into action. Also, if you think you can simply skip out on the training altogether — think again. Providing aesthetic treatments is a skilled practice, and your clients are relying on you to deliver procedures safely, confidently, and with maximum precision to deliver the best possible service outcomes.
  3. They provide tech support
    No mention of post-sales technical support with that microdermabrasion machine you have your eye on? Run a mile. The last thing you want is to be left high and dry when you have a troubleshooting issue or the machine malfunctions.
    While literally, any technology comes with the risk of glitching, you can protect yourself against a potential disaster by choosing a provider who supplies reputable, high-quality equipment (this will greatly reduce your risk of malfunctioning), and includes ongoing technical support, in the event you ever do run into a problem.
  4. They help you get the word out
    If your technology provider delivers all of the above and helps you with marketing your new treatments too, you’re onto a winner. You’re running a growing beauty salon you have enough on your plate as it is, so how do you fit in the time to suddenly become an expert marketer on high-tech beauty treatments? You shouldn’t have to. An awesome technology provider will include marketing support as part of their service, which may include posters, brochures, ready-to-go social media campaigns, key selling points, FAQs, and all the other little bits and pieces you need to get the word out that your business is the place to be for hydrodermabrasion, skin needling or laser hair removal, etc. That way you can spend less time stressing out over a single post on Facebook, and more time in the treatment room delivering your clients with the amazing service experience they deserve.

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