Skin Care Machines

Skin Care Machines are not only a great way to take your skin services to a more modern, engaging level but will advance your skin results dramatically.

Skin Care Machines should always be purchased from a local and professional beauty equipment provider that also delivers on-going customer and technical support as well as solid and comprehensive, hands-on equipment training.

Partnering with industry experts who are ready and available to support your business through its stages of growth and development into beauty technology will ensure you have the absolute best chance of success and longevity while moving your business forward into a bright and prosperous future.

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Oxygen Facial Machines

Oxygen Facial Therapy takes traditional facials to a much deeper, cellular level by utilising the power of pure oxygen to breathe new life into the skin while oxygenating and detoxifying the skin cells for an invigorating glow and youthful appearance. Oxygen facials work wonderful as part of an ongoing skin preservation plan, but are also popular as a one-off pampering facial or instant makeover treatment for clients wishing to look fresh, radiant and youthful for a special day or big event.

Benefits of Oxygen Facial Therapy

  • Treatment is non-irritating making it ideal for even sensitive skin types
  • Improves skin’s firmness and suppleness
  • Targets skin clearing
  • Intensely hydrates and revitalises dry, tired, stressed-out skin
  • Plumps up sunken, deflated skin for a younger look
  • Reduces enlarged pores for a more uniform complexion
  • Address skin tone correction
  • Results are both instant and cumulative
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Skin Analysers

Advancements in skin analyser technologies have raised the bar in terms of what is achievable in the treatment room – allowing therapists greater accuracy in diagnosing skin conditions and also providing data-based guidance on how best to treat a client’s skin concern. Skin analyser technology forms an integral part of any successful salon, spa or clinic’s business model and is rightly considered equally as important during the skin consultation stage than aesthetic technology and skincare is during the treatment stage.

Skin analyser technology takes therapists beyond what the human eye can see to point out crucial imbalances in the skin that may otherwise be overlooked. These findings can dramatically change the course of treatment prescribed, allowing a more comprehensive treatment plan to be put in place that will work to respond better to a client’s individual needs and yield greater clinical results.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that any successful treatment begins with a thorough and accurate skin consultation. Our skin analysers ensure you are equipped to get it right the first time and garner great treatment results from the get-go.


With geneO+ aesthetic professionals are able to administer 3 effective treatments simultaneously:

  • Exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin
  • Skin tightening utilising radio frequency energy
  • Infusion of essential revitalising nutrients with unique skin care formulas

geneO+ takes its inspiration from natural hot springs, known for inducing skin oxygenation.

A series of geneO+ treatments result in hydrated, nourished and brighter skin.

geneO+ is ideal as both a stand-along skin revitalisation treatment and integrated into other aesthetic regimens for optimal results.

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